Notice To ALL my COINTELPRO Stalkers

I hold you responsible for the MURDER of my mother , and attempts of murder of my life, all government agencies abusing their power to cause physical harm , and emotional distress , and slander , and innocent blood shed , and ALL perpetrators assisting in these crimes.


112 thoughts on “Notice To ALL my COINTELPRO Stalkers

  1. The government of the USA -War criminals –

    Stop your war crimes against USA citizens

    It’s evil

    And everyone who participates in these war crimes activities will be held accountable !!!


  2. “Community Watch Groups”, or “Neighborhood Watch Groups”,
    Or “Eyes & Ears For The Deep State”, the reason why you do what you do, is because your names are NOT written in His book.

    Deal with reality.

    Your not law enforcement. Your not “investigators “.

    Not sure what you are thinking you are doing , but your not getting away with anything.


  3. 12/13/2017

    Attacked all night by Satan’s minions.

    Just sleeping in my bed , and these DEMONIC MONSTERS were attacking me and my cat.

    While we were sleeping.

    Demonic monster beasts who serve lucifer and are protected by the Government of The United States of America.

    Killers, murderers , deranged demonic monster beasts.


    Praise God , thank You Jesus !


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