Notice To ALL my COINTELPRO Stalkers

I hold you responsible for the MURDER of my mother , and attempts of murder of my life, all government agencies abusing their power to cause physical harm , and emotional distress , and slander , and innocent blood shed , and ALL perpetrators assisting in these crimes.


112 thoughts on “Notice To ALL my COINTELPRO Stalkers

  1. My prayer for my daughter , don’t cast your pearls before swine , and give what’s Holy to dogs.
    It’s a wicked , wicked world , and people will sell you out for a few shekels.
    Pray , and call on Jesus , and HE will guide and protect you. Praise God , and thank Jesus, you are His!


  2. URGENT-
    The city of Coon Rapids , Minnesota , and Michael & Kristen Kearney have until 4:30 pm, June 30th, 2016, to pay restitution and damages to Debra Kay Anda, for the destruction of her property. , false arrests , bogus trumped up charges, harassment , malicious persecution , and others.
    Or they can suffer the wrath of God, and His final judgement.
    Eternal separation.


  3. My grandfather Peter Anda, was a good and righteous man , who loved The Lord , and would not approve of what is being done to his family.
    He would not approve of this shadow government , and what is secretly being done to his family.

    My maternal grandparents , were good and decent people , righteous and loved The Lord , they would not approve of what is being don’t to their family , by this secret covert government.

    My Heavenly Father , and His Son Jesus Christ , would not approve of what is secretly being done to my family.


  4. Secret societies are the cause of all suffering and evil in the world.

    You are ALL cowards , who live in darkness , and your evil deeds will
    be brought to justice , and you aren’t getting away with anything.

    You will be bound to your father satan for all eternity.


  5. I’m exhausted. Beaten down. I need to rest and stay away from the world. It’s too much for this obese, twice divorced , trashy terrible mother , who is so mentally ill the police do not even know what to do with her. She is a disgrace to her family. And a danger too all these agencies.


  6. I’m sorry I’m not good enough , and a disgrace to my family.
    I’m sorry I’m so mentally ill , the police don’t know what to do with me.
    I’m sorry I’m a sleazy sister , who has had numerous church dismissal letters.
    I’m sorry I’m obese , and have been divorced twice.
    I’m sorry I’m a trashy mother , who shouldn’t be allowed to have children.
    I’m sorry that Dr Gilberson thinks that I’m a danger to society and all these agencies.
    I’m sorry , I can’t even repeat some if the most disgusting things that have been said about me.
    I’m sorry.
    People who find me this repulsive and disgusting , really shouldn’t be around me.
    I’m tired. I’m exhausted. I can’t meet your expectations.
    I’m not even going to try.


  7. Hammered in my house at nearly midnight …
    There isn’t even enough prisons or mental institutions to house you all, your just going too have to wait until the grim reaper takes you home.


  8. These are war crimes Donald Trump, and you people are abusing your power to target innocent Americans , for greed and murder.
    And you aren’t going to cut the military budget ?
    You are a ravenous wolf in sheep’s clothing.
    You are abiding your power in government to target innocent Americans , and these are war crimes , and it’s disgraceful.


  9. How to become successful in Amerika
    1. Join a secret society
    2. Strike your neighbor in secret
    3. Set your neighbor up
    4. Experiment on your neighbor
    5. Spy on your neighbor
    6. Lie, deceive , kill , steal , and destroy.
    7. The keys to becoming successful in Amerika.


  10. I’m so grateful that I don’t have a child with Michael Kearney, and I’m not related in any way to them. Oh your Honorable Judge Street ….
    Thank you for the 50 year restraining order !


  11. Warning to James Stuart Anoka County Sheriff…
    You can clear my name , and pay restitution , or you can rot in hell for ALL eternity with your remnant , you are a pathetic Sheriff.
    You are a servant of Satan.


  12. This organization murdered my mother when I was 12 years old.

    I have lost many Mother Day’s with her , and because your evil organization.

    That kills people, and you will never receive God’s grace.


  13. You belong to your father satan, who get off in blood and suffering

    Kris Kearney Quote

    ” I get titilllated on watching people get maimed and mutilated ”

    You “whatever’s ” will be death with , in eternal damnation.

    Synagogue of Satan


  14. I think I might be wrong. The synagogue of satan , is too good to describe you whatever’s, I’m think more like the nephilium or giants .
    You whatever’s make the synagogue of satan look Good.


  15. My only prayer would be for God to destroy organized stalking , Stasi Zertenzung , whatever you want to call it , it needs to be destroyed. There is no good in it.

    It’s the most dangerous and diabolical organization that has ever existed.


  16. The President Of The United States of Amerika, Donald Trump, should close the borders, because people should NOT move to the USA, the most powerful nation in the world, will kill , steal, and destroy everything in your life.

    Flee from Amerika before it’s too late.


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